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Children can be injured in so many ways. Because of their natural curiosity and rambunctious nature, they are in harm’s way more often than adults. Damage to a child’s developing body can cause irreparable harm if not treated and properly monitored. Neither you, nor your child, should suffer this indignity, especially if the injury was caused by another’s negligence. You need an experienced Atlanta child injury attorney to help hold the negligent party accountable.

At Sheryl Burke Law, we focus on personal injury cases involving children. We know how serious the damage can be to a child and how long the effects of an accident can last. We have successfully handled many cases involving children over the years. We know the finesse these cases take because of the differences in Georgia law regarding minors and the many complications of a child’s life.

Our founding lawyer, Sheryl Burke, has worked extensively with children through mentoring programs and other community work. Her time volunteering with children has given her insight into what happens to kids who end up in accidents and how it affects their development. With honesty and compassion, she dedicates herself to helping every family who has suffered an injury to their child.

“Every time I have an opportunity to talk to a person, I want to bring something to empower them in their future. Something that can go beyond money or compensation for their injuries.” Sheryl Burke

Personal Injury Attorneys

Our extensive experience in personal injury, and specifically in handling many serious injury cases involving children, gives us insight into how your case may develop, what detailed information we may need and how best to proceed to obtain the compensation to which your child is entitled.

We sit down with you and your child to review what happened. We gather all of the information, evidence and reports we need to show fault on the part of the negligent party. We negotiate with the insurance company for you, with the same dedication and vigor that you would have in defending your child. We understand the effect this accident has on your family. We treat you like a part of ours and we fight to see justice done for you.

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Call Sheryl Burke Law or contact us online to schedule a time when we can sit down with you and your child to discuss your situation. You are never charged a fee unless you receive compensation for your injuries.

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