Burn Injury

Compassionate Representation For Children Who Have Been Severely Burned

Children do not understand that something hot may cause them harm. A child reaches for a cup on a counter and ends up spilling scalding hot coffee all over himself or herself, causing him or her pain and you panic. If your child has suffered serious burns, you need an experienced Atlanta burn injury attorney.

At Sheryl Burke Law, we focus on injuries involving children. We have in-depth knowledge of Georgia laws involving lawsuits and children. We also understand the lasting effect severe burns and scarring can have on your child. We treat you and your child like family and we fight for the compensation your child is entitled to.

Decatur Scalding Injury Attorneys

Children who have been burned may end up with permanent scarring. Plastic surgery may be required to graft skin to the burned areas or reconstruct their original features. Children who are disfigured may suffer from anxiety over their appearance and may be teased or harassed by other children.

As hard as adults try to prevent it, children are prone to hurting themselves. Burns are commonly caused by:

  • Hot food
  • Hot water
  • Hot drinks
  • Heaters
  • Radiators

Our lawyers sit down with you and your child to discuss the accident and what we can do for you. We consult with your child’s physician and specialists to determine what the extent of the damage may be in the long run.

If necessary, we help you find a therapist for your child, as well as any other resources you need so your child can recover. We are with you from the day you walk in our door to the day your case is resolved.