School Bus Accident Injury

Representing Your Child’s Best Interests After A School Bus Accident

The NHTSA estimates that 19 children are killed every year in school bus accidents. An additional 10,000 children sustain incapacitating injuries from school bus accidents. If your child has been injured in a school bus accident, you need an Atlanta injury attorney who has experience with these cases.

At Sheryl Burke Law, we focus on accidents involving children. We understand the complexities of dealing with these cases and how they affect both you and your child. We treat you like family and we fight for the compensation your child deserves for the damage he or she has sustained.

Decatur School Bus Injury Attorneys

School bus accidents fall into two categories:

  • Children injured while on the school bus
  • Children injured while disembarking or just after leaving the school bus

The latter types of injuries frequently involve a child being hit by a car whose driver failed to stop for the school bus stop sign or who failed to see a child after the bus pulled away.

Because of the privacy laws surrounding children, it can be difficult to get information on whether your child was on the school bus at the time of the accident, if he or she was not taken to the hospital. It is important for your child to go to the doctor or to a hospital immediately following an accident so there is a record of the injury.

Our lawyers sit down with you and your child to discuss the accident and what we can do for you. We educate you about the legal process, what you need to do and what your options are, so you can make informed decisions for your child’s wellbeing.

Georgia law has specific statutes regarding monetary awards given to injured children. Our law firm has experience in handling these cases and dealing with these statutes. We will be by your side from the day you come into our office to the day your case is resolved.

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